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To refine the feeling of the OSW type steering wheels, we generally change the encoder which allows to increase the resolution and thus increase the piloting precision. The resolution has been increased to 40 000 CPR or 40 000 counts per rotation.

But with the arrival of the new Simucube firmware, it is now possible to use high-resolution encoders that will increase the resolution to several million CPR. The SIMTRONIX brand offers kits for MiGE motors (Small and Big), as well as those of the Kollmorgen brand, which allow resolutions of 3.7 and 4.2 million CPR respectively.

Our Kit for MiGE motor :

Our kit for Kollmorgen motor :

For completeness it should be noted that natively the Ioni card accepts a resolution of 2 million CPR. However, I contacted SIMTRONIX on this subject which indicates to me that it is by playing on the interpolation that one can arrive at these resolutions. A setting on 256x allows 3.7 million CPR and 64x allows 1 million CPR. Note that Granite Devices must add soon a setting of 128x to effectively be a 2 million CPR provided by the Ioni.

The models available at SIMTRONIX are priced at $250 for MiGE engines and $589 for Kollmorgen engines.

If you want to buy some simracing cockpits, please follow this link.